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Anhydride Hardener
Phthalic Anhydride is required for synthesis of fungicide and primary amines. Known for its particular odor, this chemical is available in powder and liquid forms. This substance acts as a suitable intermediate in different chemical reactions.
Curing Agent
Provided Curing Agent is available in hermetically tight drum. With having 110.16g molecular weight and 278.6 degree F flash point, this range of chemical has stable properties and long storage life.
Cyclo Aliphatic Diols
Cyclo Apliphatic Diols is used as integral part of producing lubricants, coal coating materials, intermediates, polymer modifiers and paints. This chemical belongs to hydroxyl group of chemicals having high reactivity level.
Aliphatic Alcohol
Offered in different grades, Apliphatic Alcohols act as suitable synthesizer in chemical industry, as low calorie confectionery ingredients in food processing arena and also as industrial solvents. These highly pure chemicals are also used to produce PU material.
Monofunctional Aliphatic
Monofunctional Aliphatic compound is reckoned for its high purity level, precise formulation and high flash point. Produced vapor of this compound is heavier than normal air. It has pale yellow or colorless form.
Monofunctional Aromatic Ether
Monofunctional Aromatic Ether is a liquid based reactive modifier which is used to reduce viscosity of epoxy resins of high molecular mass. This low viscosity ether is offered in different grades to suit various application needs.
Multifunctional Aliphatic
Offered Multifunctional Aliphatic compound is reckoned for its versatile nature. This pale yellow colored liquid is required as suitable cross linking agent, as activating factor and also as reactive diluents for different chemical reactions.
Multifunctional Aromatic Resin
Multifunctional Aromatic Resin is used as effective diluents and modifying agent during manufacturing of adhesives, paints, coatings and tooling compounds. It helps to improve various attributes of reactive epoxy resin.
Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Resins
Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Resins are used during formulation of building exterior coatings for their exceptional UV and weather resistance properties. These low viscosity resins are preferred for their high effectiveness, long shelf life and easy availability in the market.
Non Halogenated Phosphorus Compounds
Non Halogenated Phosphorus Compounds act as effective additive or reactive flame retarding agents for different grades of plastics, polyester and epoxy resin. Offered in crystalline powder form, these non halogenated substances can be stored for longer period.
Phenol and Phenol Derivatives
Phenol and Phenol Derivatives are reckoned for their multifunctional roles. These are available either in white solid form or in colorless liquid form under room temperature. These substances have stable chemical properties and long storage life.
Alcohol Chemical
Alcohol Chemical is classified under aliphatic group of compounds. This liquid based chemical has non ionic nature and it is used to formulate cosmetics, dyes, textiles, laundry items and surfactants.
Castor Oil

We are involved in dealing a wide range of Castor Oil. It works as a natural moisturizer. It is used to promote wound healing, reduce acne, keep your hair healthy and moisturize the skin. This oil is known as a rich ingredient in many beauty and skincare products.

Industrial Acid
Offered array of Industrial Acid has been formulated under controlled environment. Known for its pure content, this range of acid has high boiling point. Being highly soluble, this assortment of acid dissolves easily in benzene and acetone.

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